About Prestige Gold

About Prestige Gold


The Prestige Gold Story was founded in LA . is a jewelry wholesaler and retailer with tremendous experience and knowledge of jewelry segment. Our company has been around for nearly 6 years offering the finest products to consumers around the world . We have grown from a small room during the 90s to a full blown 25000sqft warehouse in Los Angeles Prestige Gold shipping hundreds of orders each day.  Our mission is simple and we stand by it each and every day.

contact : contact@prestige-gold.com 


Crafted by hand with VVS simulate stones and  all products in our store are 5X Electroplated with real (24k,18k , 14k, 8k) Yellow gold or Rose gold or white Gold, the highest quality of gold plating. Our products are made out of highest quality ,aaa cubic zirconia including rhodium / 100% 925 sterling silver, stainless steel ,Cristal. To ensure, that your jewelry stays shining, and lasts long.

5X Electroplated : Won't change color
Hypoallergenic: 100% safe to wear as it is lead free and nickel free; never worry about turning your hand green

Our materials are certified  24-14-18-8 karat gold, 925 sterling silver, and genuine rhodium and cubic zirconia are in full compliance with the Federal Trade Commission and the Jewelry Vigilance Committee. We fully guarantee the authenticity of our materials.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - We stand behind the quality of our products, if you are not satisfied with your order, you may return it for a full refund.

Lifetime Warranty - All our products are covered with lifetime warranty, if your purchase were to fade or break, we will replace the item with a new one for free.


As the world of fine jewelry evolves, investing in simple, costly pieces has become a thing of the past. Tradition is no longer the standard and the adventurous spirit of creation is striving to break free. Wear your jewelry with pride and allow it to reflect your individuality, creativity, and identity. Empower yourself with custom pieces — expertly crafted by passionate artists — and learn what it means to fuse timelessness, beauty, relevance, and wearability into every piece.


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